Re: Berkeley DB : Solaris : gnome-libs

Hi David,

Have you checked Paul Barnfather's "building gnome on solaris" page :
(in the page search for db-2.7.7)
He explains how to "properly" build berkeley's db lib as a shared library.
This worked for me, gnome-libs configure didn't complain about db after that.


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>OK, time for my biggest peeve about Gnome, in the hope
>that some kind person can help in the interim, and maybe
>people think about an alternative.
>Basically it relates to the problems compiling up the
>gnome-libs package on Solaris (2.6) with the various
>flavors of the Bezerkeley db library.
>Where glibc2 is unavailable (Solaris 2.x < 8 certainly
>gives grief), the db library creates difficulties.
>Without severe hacking, the configure script with 
>gnome-libs always complains.  And I am NOT happy with
>hacking the configure script too much.
>Question for interim:
>Let's assume I have the db.h from the Solaris
>Sparc helix distribution installed in their standard
>position (under /opt/gnome/....).  Does anyone know
>any magic invocations to gnome-libs configure to get
>it to correctly pick up the db stuff?
>Question for gnome-libs developers:
>Why cannot gdbm be used instead of db?  The advantages
>on non-Linux systems are pretty obvious, primarily lack
>of conflict with vendor-provided db libraries (if they
>exist) and the lack of potential licence problems.  If
>this can be an option with gnome 1.4 (or even 2.0) I
>would be extremely grateful.
>BTW: Hint for SparcSolaris2.6 users for quickstart.
>Apart from the gnome-libs problem mentioned, I found
>that you could use your linux box to turn the Helixcode
>sparc rpm files into cpio files, then simply unpack.
>While many files look for, copy
>to and the basic tools work.  You will need
>to edit the gnome-config script, replacing -lrt with
>-lposix4.  You can then start recompiling things like
>libgtop and gtop (getting rid of the dependency).
>But gnome-libs remains the problem - hence this note
>David T. Bath bathd edipost auspost com au
>+613 9204 8713 (W) 0418 316 634 (Mbl)
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