Re: Berkeley DB : Solaris : gnome-libs : EVIL I KNOW

Drazen Kacar wrote:
> David T. Bath wrote:
> > (doing evil stuff with Solaris)
And general consensus
> Basicaly, you're trying to shoot yourself in the foot with this.
> If you're prepared to deal with the consequences, that's fine.
> But don't give this advice to others without a big warning.
I agree what I said was EVIL.  Not bad, EVIL.  I am one who
normally does not trust a source RPM on linux without pulling
apart the spec file after reading the README and compiling myself,
and even THEN I am paranoid.  (I keep my configures, my environment,
my make logs hived away ready for the next release).

Did anyone *seriously* think that the situation as described
would be suitable for anything other than bootstrapping and/or
proof of concept (like pulling gcc binaries from the net.)

Remember too that I was pulling BINARIES from Helix for Sol 2.7
into a 2.6 environment.  I'm in a rush, I'm trying to bootstrap,
and it gets things going.  In 12 hours I've recompiled most of the
things I need to.  And this is merely a throwaway disk area to
get users on the box used to what Gnome can offer, and keep them
interested rather than the much longer time it takes to build it
properly.  I'm also trying to push through updates to gcc, flex
and the rest, these being SO old they do not respond to "--help".

Next week I get a fresh box to install Solaris 2.7 on.  I can leave
my users playing with the wonders of Gnome while I get no sleep
installing nearly everything from source - Cleanly.  And while they
do that they will be enjoying themselves so much they will leave
me alone.

But my original comment still stands: Linux is not unix and Gnome
should run on
	1. Unix/X-windows
	2. VMS/DecWindows (or whatever they call it)
	3. Mac/Be
	4. W32
(Just my order of preference).
But even portability across unixes for Gnome looks some way away.
David T. Bath bathd edipost auspost com au
+613 9204 8713 (W) 0418 316 634 (Mbl)

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