Re: Berkeley DB : Solaris : gnome-libs : EVIL I KNOW

David T. Bath wrote:

> I agree what I said was EVIL.  Not bad, EVIL.  I am one who

> Did anyone *seriously* think that the situation as described
> would be suitable for anything other than bootstrapping and/or
> proof of concept (like pulling gcc binaries from the net.)

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who would take that seriously.
The situation with Solaris is particularly bad, because it runs on
x86 hardware and it's relatively inexpensive. So there's a lot
of clueless users.

Sun provides very good documentation, but a lot of people are not
programmers, so it's meaningless to them. That, along with the fact
that a lot of autoconf based sources don't build properly by default
gives too much desperate people who would do anything.

> Next week I get a fresh box to install Solaris 2.7 on.  I can leave

Why not Solaris 8? It's cheaper and better.

> But my original comment still stands: Linux is not unix and Gnome
> should run on
> 	1. Unix/X-windows
> 	2. VMS/DecWindows (or whatever they call it)
> 	3. Mac/Be
> 	4. W32
> (Just my order of preference).
> But even portability across unixes for Gnome looks some way away.

Patches gladly accepted, I think. :-)

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