Re: Berkeley DB : Solaris : gnome-libs

Drazen Kacar <dave srce hr> writes:

> Don't do this. Helix GNOME was compiled on Solaris 7. Nobody
> guarantees that it would work on Solaris 2.6. (Sun guarantees it
> would work on Solaris 8, except for libgtop). While this particular
> kludge may work on your box at this point in time, it doesn't mean
> it will still work after you apply a single patch to your system.

Well, I compiled GNOME on Solaris 2.6. No kludges were required at
all (once I installed all the prerequisites in the right order).

> > libgtop and gtop (getting rid of the dependency).
> > But gnome-libs remains the problem - hence this note
> If Gnome build system was doing it right on Solaris, then you would
> be able to patch gnome-libs in order to replace DB code with gdbm
> code, recompile and reinstall the library (or libraries, I don't
> know if a single library uses DB, or there are several) and
> everything else would work without further intervention.

Frankly, I never had this problem, and GNOME build system at least
-appears- to do everything right on Solaris.

But attempting to install GNOME with Berkeley db 2.0 is not a good

How to eff the ineffable?

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