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On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 03:54:11PM +0800, Joe.C wrote:
> Hi ALL
>   I am an engineer who working on GTK/Embedded project in AniMeta. 
> For the discussion for GTK/embedded on the list, the better for us 
> here to give some information about GTK/embedded.
>   About GTK/Embedded architecture, we wrote a small server to replace
> the X server on Linux. We design and implement the server. It is small
> but with almost components for full features for window system.
>   We didn't call it X-server because it use neither X protocol, Xlib
> API, nor start from X server source code. We also from scratch
> program a library to act as GDK library to talk to the server. It
> follows the GDK's API and keeps source level compatibility. (need
> re-compile the programs to run on this proprietary GDK.) Due to the
> misunderstanding of language translation (from Chinese to English),
> the old product introduction statement on our web site was not correct.
> Thanks to many friends' suggestions, We've already updated it.

A proprietary GDK is highly questionable, at least from a moral and 
maintainable standpoint.  Is there any particular reason you haven't 
released this portion of your work under the LGPL?

>   About keeping te compatibility of GTK, we leverage the LGPL GTK
> library with modifications for our customers. Most modifications were
> for configuration and remove some functions calling Xlib functions. We
> also tried to feed back our modifications to GTK community, but not all
> modifications are appreciated. That is OK. We will keep to feed back.
>   AniMeta's rule for any GPL/LGPL sources is simple. We conform with it.
> And for most cases, AniMeta releases these source codes, libraries to
> our customers in CD-ROM. And we do not set any special rules to restrict
> our customers to make use of these SW. Whether open the source codes on
> Web, all up to customers' decisions.
>   AniMeta does not publish the source codes on web because AniMeta is a
> small company. We do not rent enough bandwidth for serving the web site
> access. We also do not have enough resources to do any free on-line
> services, queries, etc. And we are afraid that we do not have the
> reources to maintain it too. Those are what we are afraid of.

If bandwidth is a problem, I can set aside a spot on our
server for sources you wish to distribute and you can link to there
from your website.  (At least in the case of glib/gdk/gtk and any

>   To report all bug fixed to GTK community, to follow GPL/LGPL license
> model, will be AniMeta's principle to operate, of course.
> Joe.C
> AniMeta Systems, Inc.
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