Re: Flaws dans les plans pour dominations du monde

Aidan Cully <aidan kublai com> writes:
> PS: I've got a thought on this involving the mailing list software that I'd
> be happy to discuss off the list.  It basically involves setting up a bunch
> of 'gnome-devel-list-<language>' submission addresses, and forwarding them
> to the gnome-devel-list list server.  The list server would then read a per-
> user preferences file, which would indicate which languages the user wanted
> to receive.  Only matching incoming messages would be sent to the user, all
> seeming to come from gnome-devel-list gnome org, and with a reply-to
> matching the submission address.

Sounds like something to bring up on the Mailman development lists,
and get the patch into Mailman itself. Then most free software lists
would automatically work this way and users could configure their
options in the usual mailman way.


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