Flaws dans les plans pour dominations du monde

Yeah, my French sucks.
It makes more sense to me to have separate mailing lists for discussions in
different languages, than to have multi-lingual posts on this list.  If
you're going to post in non-English languages to this list, I'd like to
suggest at *least* putting in a language tag that we can filter on...  E.g.,
an X-Language: fr header, or prefixing the subject with [FR].

I agree with the need to let people discuss GNOME, and other projects, in
their native tongues, but to a lot of us (I'm assuming), the French messages
look like noise, and that hurts the signal/noise ratio of the list.

Mes deux centimes.
PS: I've got a thought on this involving the mailing list software that I'd
be happy to discuss off the list.  It basically involves setting up a bunch
of 'gnome-devel-list-<language>' submission addresses, and forwarding them
to the gnome-devel-list list server.  The list server would then read a per-
user preferences file, which would indicate which languages the user wanted
to receive.  Only matching incoming messages would be sent to the user, all
seeming to come from gnome-devel-list gnome org, and with a reply-to
matching the submission address.

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