Thoughts on Nautilus/Evolution in 1.4

This is a repeat of my comment on gnotices.

Has it actually been decided for certain that Nautilus and/or Evolution will
make it into Gnome 1.4? If so, we probably should not be saying that 1.4 will
be released around October. While development of Nautilus and Evolution is
going rather quickly, they are still quite far from a fully featured, stable
release. I'd much rather see Gnome 1.4 delayed a bit and ship as a quality
product than end up with another incident like the Gnome 1.0 release. In
particular, something to consider is the fact that replacing GMC with Nautilus
is a major change! This isn't just adding an application. And Nautilus needs a
lot of work still. As much as I want to see Nautilus in 1.4, I think a choice
has to be made: either we delay 1.4 by a few months and really hammer out
things until we've got a professional desktop with Nautilus included, or ship
Gnome 1.4 without Nautilus and add it in later. None of my comments are
intended to criticize in an anything but constructive manner. The efforts of
the Gnome hackers has been nothing short of astounding. Thoughts?

Jamin Philip Gray
jgray writeme com

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