Re: GTK emebedded

Let's not get too off-base here.  They have said that they comply with the 
LGPL as it relates to changes to GTK+, and stated how they are complying.  

I'm still curious why they felt "clean room" techniques were necessary 
to reimplement a proprietary GDK, since the LGPL would clearly allow them 
to link it with their proprietary server anyway.  But since we a superior
method of doing this kind of thing is already in v1.3, it probably doesn't 
matter very much.


On Sat, Sep 16, 2000 at 09:16:58PM +0200, Stefan Skoglund wrote:
> Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
> > Probably he was using the word "proprietary" to mean "in-house". When
> > reading the following, one can see that his companys actually does
> > respect the (L)GPL requirements since those licenses only covers
> > redistribution.
> Addition to my post:
> his customers should be in their right to redistristribute, add
> features,
> fix bugs, add bugs ie they have the same right as he depended on when
> they did their changes to Gtk.
> The server and their proprietary gdk library must be LGPL if
> they are to conform to the Gtk license.
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