Re: Flaws dans les plans pour dominations du monde

Welcome to Jeopardy, where the answers are the questions!

Your answer is:

> You might consider just what the purpose of communication *is* before 
> breaking it.  It's got nothing to do with your apparent perception that 
> people somehow "don't like" people speaking in languages they don't know, 
> and everything to do with the fact that communication is not taking place.

For 50 points, a years supply of Rice-a-Roli, and a trip to Fiji, the
question is?

"What do we hope to achieve with this project, and what sorts of problems do
we intend to highlight to the community?"

Thanks Brandon, you're quite right. :) We don't want to miss a thing, and I
hope this project somehow makes it easier.

- Jeff (who has never seen Jeopardy in his life anyway)

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        Ye shall be cursed to fall in love so easily, and yet be so
                     cold of heart as never to express it.

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