Re: Flaws dans les plans pour dominations du monde

> > Well, how many people are there, who know french at least as much, as is
> > needed
> > to understand e-mails on specific topic. I'll bet that quite many.
> > How many of them would subscribe to french-only list - very few.
> > So I think, there should be only one list, and let everyone express
> > him(her)self
> > in the language of choice.
> How many people know Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, &c.?  I bet a
> large number of people know at least one of those, but if everyone chose
> to communicate using their first languages, maybe you've got 50% messages
> in English, 15% French, 15% Spanish, 10% Japanese, &c., &c..  Then you
> might get people that *only* speak other languages subscribing to the list,
> and it could easily end up being the case that 70% of the messages sent to
> a particular subscriber are indecipherable (save via the inaccurate,
> inconvenient mechanism of Babelfish) to him.

It's just a little effort to write a .procmailrc, deleting all messages
in languages you do not understand if you get so excited about them.

It is interesting, that people tend to get angry and often become
is others are communicating in a way, they cannot understand. I have
several times been in conflicts, because of speaking estonian with my
in some other country - Hey - this is our country - be as others and
as we can understand - probably you are speaking about us - bastards - &
so on.
But, hey, we should be over such childish suspiction. If you do not
just ignore it.


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