Need volunteers to coordinate extra apps release for GNOME 1.4

Hi guys,

A bunch of use (including me and Jacob and the steering committee)
discussed the idea of having an extra apps distribution for GNOME
1.4. While GNOME 1.4 would be kept to the core desktop and development
platform, this extra distribution would contain other useful apps,
things like Gabber or Gnumeric or Dia or GnuCash, and also deprecated
but still supported things like gmc or gnome-pim. These applications
will be certified as reasonably useful, and tested with 1.4.

I would like 1 or 2 (or maybe 3 if you can work very well together)
volunteers to coordinate this extra apps release. Jacob and I, as
GNOME 1.4 release coordinators, will provide whoever volunteers with
advice and help coordinate this with the 1.4 schedule.

The extra apps distribution could go out right with GNOME 1.4, or a
little bit after. It's important not to jump just any app in here by
the way; including the whole GNOME Software Map probably wouldn't work
out so well. The focus should be on apps that are stable and tested
with 1.4. Also, apps that integrate well with GNOME and are not just
straight Gtk+ should be favored.

It is helpful, but not critically necessary to be a GNOME developer to
do this task. You certainly don't need to be a "core" GNOME
developer. Good communication skills are also a huge plus.

If you'd like to volunteer, please send me mail, I'll present the
candidates to the steering committee, and we will pick someone
(assuming there is more than one candidate :-). If you want to do it
as team of more than one, please send mail as a team.



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