Re: some sounds for Gnome


This is excelent,

Althou I have not yet downloaded the sounds you've been working with
I very much hate the gnome default sounds. The current "Crystal
sound everytime a dialog comes up is VERY annoying.

I guess I can turn my speakers on again.


Conrad Parker wrote:
> I've made a few sounds to replace some of the Gnome defaults. They
> are available, along with some more info, at:
> Hopefully you'll find them a bit more subtle than the current ones.
> They have a consistent feel, a kind of whooshing metallic sound like
> in some games. The panel/expand.wav sounds great through a subwoofer
> ;)
> Please try them out and let me know what you think. If nothing else,
> you can spend your Sunday playing with the panel (collapse! expand!)
> and choosing "Log Out? No" over and over again, like I've done ...
> (nb. these sounds are entirely original, and I'm releasing them
> freely. They were even created in Gnome, with free software :)
> Conrad.
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