Gnome canvas


I still have some problems with canvas. I will try to explain exactly
what is my problem.

I created a windows which contains just a canvas and I set the scroll
region to 600x300. In this canvas I put in the root group a rect item
which should be the canvas background.
And then I catch all events (canvas, group, and rect item events) and I
displays with printf the cursor position which is returned by
event->cursor.x and event->cursor.y. This coordonates are, according to
the GGAD, the world coordonates of the widget.
This coordonates are the same for all the events I catched.

But when I resize the windows and when the windows size is bigger than
my scroll region (600x300) the rect item comes to the windows center.
And know, it seems that the cursor returns bad cursor position. The
canvas event return a position where 0,0 is the top left position off
the windows and the group and rect item return a position where 0,0 is
the top left of the rect item. In this case I expected to have for all
events the same coordonates like in the previous exemple. 
Is it a normal situation ? Can you explain me that ?

I would like that the items I will add to the canvas stays at the top of
the windows when I resize it. Is it possible and how can I do that ?

And my last question is, how can I resize my background rect item to fit
the windows size ?

I am sorry, I am a newbie :))
Thank you
Eric Laeuffer
laeuffer cybercable fr

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