Re: canvas questions

Iain wrote:
> > So, I would like to know if it is possible to set the canvas background
> > and how.
> The best way to do this is to create a canvas rect item, and place it at the
> back.

There is other better solution that was writen by Federico months ago, but I
don't remember it. It consists in modify a canvas attribute (private?). I
think this solution is better than yours becouse when you put a rect item...
what is the well-adjustment size for the item -remember that as you point
later the canvas has no size-?.
> > And I have some problems to understand how the canvas work when a
> > windows (which contains just a canvas) is resized.
> > Is the canvas resized with the windows or is it still have its size ?
> The canvas has no size. It is infinite, therefore when the window is
> resized,
> more or less of the canvas is shown.
> > If
> > it is resized what about the coordinates ?
> They stay the same, unless you haven't set the scroll region (with
> gnome_canvas_set_scroll_region)
> in which case 0,0 is centred.
> > Have you got a document which explains exactly how it works ? I am using
> > GTK/Gnome application development to learn.
> GGAD is about the most comprehensive guide there is I think.

I think it is the UNIQUE guide -that I know, of course; if you know others,
then tell me beacuse I need to use Gnome Canvas-.

Best regards from Spain,
	Josť Antonio.

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