Re: GTK, wizards, KDE

> >If not, would you like to work with Chema and me towards making this
> >happen (and whoever else wants to join and coach/train/guide new hackers).
> Sure I'd love to.

Perfect!  Well, first step is to get into the gnome-love gnome org
mailing list (that is the name of the project `GNOME Love')

> I think a tool where the Gnome newbie enters their current skills/experience
> and a self rating on ability and interest that can then automagically match
> them up with projects/todo items for which they are qualified for (or near
> qualified).  I would also add a field for estimated time per week that they
> would be willing to work on a project.

This is a very interesting idea.  I love the idea. 

> This will have two effects - 1st it will lower the 'barrier to entry' that
> the new user has for finding a task for which they are qualified.  2nd it
> will ensure that it is a task that they are qualified to do, and one for
> which they have sufficient time available to do it in.  I think a lot of
> would be developers would like to contribute but are overwhelmed as to where
> to start, and don't want to do something that they won't have time to
> finish.  This should largely eliminate that problem.


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