Re: [gtkmm] A grand plan

On 21 Apr 2001 15:32:01 -0700, Karl Nelson wrote:
> > > On the gnome-bindings list, we are talking about setting up a web site
> > > dedicated to language bindings for gtk+/gnome and related libraries.
> > > These gtk-- support libraries could be listed in a gtk-- section on this
> > > web site (it is probably a good idea to list them in some file distributed
> > > with gtk-- as well though).
> > > 
> > 
> > There is such a site already.  Check out
> > that I've made.  I'll be
> > glad to help with a more official page for this kind of thing.
> Looks like the matrix could use some minor work.

With help like this it's easy to do :)

>   - my browser shows the gnome-- in the middle of the C++ bar, not
>     up with gtk--.  Since gnome--/gtk--/glarea--/glade--/etc 
>     all work together as one, they should likely be on one line.

Ohh.. I never thought of it that way.  I did this for C++ but haven't
done it for any other language.  I never intended the "lines" to have
anything to do with eachother.

>   - GLArea binds for gtk--  point to wrong spot.

Fixed, thanks.

>   - GtkExtra should likely be in the matrix.

I added it to the "Other info" column.

I also added the GConf-- bindings.

Once there are more bindings that several languages supports I will 
add a new column for them.

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