Re: Newby question - GNOME from source w/ existing gtk

<quote who="Steve Jorgensen">

> Here's my issue:  I purposefully did not install GNOME or anything gnomish
> since I plan to install GNOME from source, but the gtk package was still
> installed.  There were too many important things dependent upon the gtk
> package for me to reasonably omit it.

You certainly don't have to build GNOME from source from the ground up just
to do application development for the 1.4 platform. Grab the packages from
your distribution and use them.

If you want to develop for the 2.0 platform, use the vicious-build-scripts;
there's a good document on how to use them here:

If you are *really* set on building GNOME 1.4 from source, vbs can do that
too; generally you install the entire system within your (or a sandboxed
user's) home directory, so it has no impact on the rest of the stuff
installed on your system.

Do it the easy way. :)

- Jeff

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