Re: filesel dialogs

I remember seeing some "alpha" versions of a *really* nice GNOME file
selector dialog someone was working on.

Whoever that person was, are you still working on that?  Will it be part
of GNOME 2, or *another* extension library?

Speaking of which, for the love of the gods, in GNOME 2, trim down the
damn libraries.  gal and eel should be formed into gnome-ui, oaf and
bonobo and all those that are all components of one system should be
merged into one package, etc.  People are often complaining about that
hell they have to go thru to get all the packages together.  Not
everyone is using apt!  (And don't even get me started on Red Carpet,
I've almost never seen that thing work right.)

On Mon, 2001-12-10 at 13:52, Manuel Amador wrote:
> Having seen the latest screen shot of the suggested dialog box in GNOME 2, i 
> have only one thing to say (for the nth time).
> I deploy free software workstations and servers.  A MAJOR gripe with GNOME apps 
> is that file selection dialogs are enigmatic.  People DON\'T understand \"left is 
> directories/right is files\".  That\'s why (mostly) I end up using KDE.
> Why can\'t you make a simple dialog like KDE, Windows or StarOffice?
> Copy either Windows\' or Mac\'s file selection dialog.  Both have been studied 
> for ease of use.  And don\'t you tell me that GNOME\'s filesel is easier to use, 
> because it\'s not.  It\'s unnavigable with a keyboard.  Finding a directory takes 
> tons of time, it\'s difficult to double-click a target directory (due to the 
> small height of the file), you don\'t have icons identifying file types, or 
> sensible filters.  It\'s the most contrived filesel dialog I\'ve ever seen - a 
> direct copy of Motif\'s or Netscape\'s.
> GNOME is, I concede, gorgeous.  But these kinds of things makes it unusable as 
> a desktop platform.
> sorry for the gripe.  I continually find myself irritated by the fileselection 
> dialog.  I understand that GTK+ does not have enough components to build a 
> windows-like filesel (although its usability and organization still sucks - a 
> simple reordering of components could do much better).  But a GNOME filesel 
> should be 1. developed with all available GNOME power (nautilus views, 
> etcetera) 2. its use encouraged extensively on every GNOME application.
> thanks for your time.
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