Re: filesel dialogs

On 10 Dec 2001, Sean Middleditch wrote:
: Speaking of which, for the love of the gods, in GNOME 2, trim down the
: damn libraries.  gal and eel should be formed into gnome-ui, oaf and
: bonobo and all those that are all components of one system should be
: merged into one package, etc.  People are often complaining about that
: hell they have to go thru to get all the packages together.  Not
: everyone is using apt!  (And don't even get me started on Red Carpet,
: I've almost never seen that thing work right.)

I disagree with this. Why do most people think object-oriented source code
is a great idea, but an equal number of people oppose finely-grained
shared object files? Many of the advantages are the same. The main
complaint seems to be that it's too hard to keep track of them all, but
who's the target audience here? People who compile the software, or people
who use the software? (And don't say they're the same group! That vision
limits GNOME to a niche.)

       - A

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