RE: ACPI support for battery_applet.

While having GNU/Linus/Gnome on my Laptop I have noticed the following
inconveniences that could be easily solved by a set of applets.

Sorry if it is not the right list but I need to put it somewhere:

1) There is no applet to control PC Cards.
2) Most laptop have now an integrated network card. It does not mean that
because the card is there that the network is up. There should be an applet
per network card that allows you to start/stop any network card (basycally a
call to ifup/ifdown). Some network monitoring can be added as packets
3) This is usualy a hardware specific issue, but laptops have a set of
special buttons, like volume, brightness,... which controls the software.
There should be an applet that maps these buttons to controls.

Hope it helps make gnome a better mobile desktop.

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It looks like we're moving to "battstat" for GNOME 2 - this is 
on IIRC. Maybe the patch could be adapted to
that applet?

It's also important to put patches in bugzilla,, so
they don't get forgotten about.

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