problem in porting ghex to 2.0

  i am trying to port the  application ghex (hex editor) to  GNOME 2.0 . I did all the signal changes related   to gtk signals and also related to the GtkObject as per the porting guide.
I am able to get the first menu on 2.0 also . (The print methods are commented for the time being )

But the application is failing  when i try to load any file. The application is doing a core dump.
The core dump happens in the " view_changed_cb" method 
in the main.c file where the value   of the structure "uiinfo" i am getting as null. The code goes something like this ..

   GnomeApp *app;
   GnomeUIInfo *uiinfo;
   app = gnome_mdi_get_app_from_view(mdi->active_view);
   uiinfo = gnome_mdi_get_child_menu_info(app);

   Is the MDI classes has changed in GNOME 2  and do i need to access the   GnomeUIInfo structure in some other way. The porting guide does not say much on this . Can somebody help and  let me know the things to look for while using MDI clasees while porting the application to GNOME 2.0 .


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