GNOME panel starts crashing after apt-get upgrade (SID)

Hi !

I am not sure if this message shouldn't go to debian-user list, but as
problem is in SID/unstable I think most of SID users is on devel.
I also Cc: gnome-devel-list here, as I belive it is gnome-panel, not
debian package problem (but not sure about it).

The problem is I really like using GNOME. One of its strenghts for me
is its panel that allows me to have my own sub menus (sub-panels) in it.

My panel looks more-less this way:

    |  Mozilla | TkCVS    |
    |  Galeon  | Glimmer  |
... |  W E B   | D e v e l| Office  | Shells |....
... |  Tools   |  Tools   | Tools   |        |....

The problem is, that it happened for the second time in this month,
that after
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

my config causes panel to crash while GNOME starts !
Even if I have not change nothing and _Yesterday_ it worked well...
It is very confusing...

The only way around is to delete ~/.gnome/panel.d directory and
re-create all my panel from scratch.

I have reported it as a BUG, but no response till now:

I really don't know what do. I'd like to know:
- Am I the only affected person ? Or are here others having this problem
  as well ?
- Is it a problem in panel or has it sth. to do with Debian packages
  upgrades ?
- In my bugreport I included my panel.d content (compressed), strace and
  ltrace outputs. I think these info should be enough to squash the bug
  What else can I do ? (besides digging in code myself)

I am NOT subscribed to lists so Cc: me Your answers please.
I AM subscribed to debian-devel, no Cc: nessesary.

I really'd like to use GNOME, but this panel problem desn't help me.
I think there is just a bug somewhere, but nobody cares to squash it...

If I can be anyhow usefull to You, please contact me at
mailto:greg sente pl

Thanks in advance
				Grzegorz Prokopski

PS: I am tired of asnwers: "If you're running SID you should expect
problems". IMHO it is not SID to blame here, but some BUG instead (in
package or in panel code).

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