ANNOUNCE: gdm 2.0.97 "<sri> _v_: wet dreams"

For those wishing to live on the edge and actually use a working desktop
manager, here is yet another release of gdm2 on my quest for a 2.1 stable
soon.  As far as I can see everything except xmdcp stuff now works, but I
haven't tested ALL possibilities.

OK, So what are these 2.0.9x releases?  These are development releases
leading up to a 2.1 stable release very soon now (what will go into 1.4).
This is because Martin has had little time to work on gdm and thus it was
left in a bit of a bad shape.  So with the permission of Martin I have tried
to 1) make gdm2 stable for 1.4 2) integrate patches and features people have asked
for 3) inflate my ego by maintaining yet another package.

If you are running 2.0.95 or 96, I would highly recommend this upgrade.  It
fixes a bunch of critical bugs and adds a bunch of cool stuff.  It has been
mainly made possible by people sending bug reports, suggestions and mainly
... patches.  Speaking of patches, if someone could figure out what's wrong
with XDMCP, I'd appreciate it (and other people would likely appreciate it
too:).  If it doesn't work byt he time we need a release for 1.4, I will just
remove it from the config as to not confuse people who expect things in the
configutation to work.

Here is the new stuff in 2.0.97:

- Graphical configurator in Foot/System/Gdm Confgiurator,
  or run "gdmconfig" (Lee Mellabone)

- i18n and greeter/slave communication fixes (ChiDeok Hwang)

- int vs. bool mess fixed up in the configuration files

- Use the language from the LANG variable as the default and use
  the one from gdm.conf as backup only

- Verbose authentication on by default and don't reveal information
  on verbose authentication.  I may remove this option altogether

- Slower quiver (looks cooler:)

- Reset on main process HUP signal by reexecing self

- Xinerama support for centering the login dialogs (Tim Jansen)

- Mucho fixes to loop of death stuff, race conditions and other such
  fun things

- Translations, fixes etc...
  (Kjartan Maraas, Gediminas Paulasukas, ChiDeok Hwang, Stanislav Visnovsky,
   Valek Filippov, and maybe others)


- XDMCP doesn't work


George <jirka 5z com>
   You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun
   than you can with a kind word alone.
                       -- Al Capone

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