RE: Exchange Server for Linux?

IMAP is a protocol between the server and the client. It does not describe
how the data(e-mails) should be stored. most of the IMAP implementations use
filesystems and /var/mail/queue/ to store the data. I think a database is
more efficient to store e-mails. The other advantage is that you can search
through e-mail with SQL.

I have seen some move from MS, to use the Exchange2000 database as the new
NT filesystem.

All in all, you can also have an IMAP protocol plugged on the database for
clients that speaks IMAP or POP only.

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On 2001-01-31 04:23 k_wayne linuxpower org wrote:
> > Now this is what I think...
> > Instead of Using MySQL which I think does not have good
> authentication and
> > capabilities (no flame war please), you can use PostgreSQL. Then
> instead of
> > reading the mail directly from the table you use a view to show only
> the
> > mail pertaining to an authenticated user.

Instead of using full-blown SQL databases for mail server, why not use
IMAP server which has been designed to do mailbox serving? This has an
advantage of interoperability with other clients.

Pawel Salek (pawsa theochem kth se)
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