Re: canvas rich text widget?

Mike Kestner <mkestner ameritech net> writes: 
> An attempt at a RichText CanvasItem was begun in the CVS module
> tktext-port.  It uses the same model object that was forked into GTK2.0
> for the new TextWidget.  Obviously, it would be sweet to have the canvas
> item and text widget share a model object.
> I would encourage you to take a look at tktext-port and see if it could
> be a foundation for this work.  It doesn't render worth a damn yet, but
> it is editable, talks to the model object, and the CanvasItem
> boilerplate is done.  
> Havoc Pennington is the maintainer of tktext-port, but he told the
> Achtung team to consider ourselves the maintainers of the canvas item. 
> Phil Schwan wrote the canvas item, but decided to stop working on it
> until the 2.0 platform when pango is available for rendering. I suspect
> Phil would welcome a new maintainer for it if you want to revive it. 
> Lack of a RT canvas item is the primary reason we defered Achtung to
> 2.0.  Let me know if I can help, and please keep us posted on your
> progress (list: achtung ximian com).

As clarification, you should know that the tktext-port module is
"dead" (the code has been maintained in gtk+ devel version itself for
quite some time, and tons of fixes and API changes have gone in that
are not in tktext-port).

Of course you can't develop the canvas item against gtk+ devel version
unless you use gnome-libs devel version, which George claims is a
special experience.


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