Re: canvas rich text widget?

Bibek Sahu wrote:
>         So for now, I guess the question is: is anyone already working on a
> Rich Text Widget?

An attempt at a RichText CanvasItem was begun in the CVS module
tktext-port.  It uses the same model object that was forked into GTK2.0
for the new TextWidget.  Obviously, it would be sweet to have the canvas
item and text widget share a model object.

I would encourage you to take a look at tktext-port and see if it could
be a foundation for this work.  It doesn't render worth a damn yet, but
it is editable, talks to the model object, and the CanvasItem
boilerplate is done.  

Havoc Pennington is the maintainer of tktext-port, but he told the
Achtung team to consider ourselves the maintainers of the canvas item. 
Phil Schwan wrote the canvas item, but decided to stop working on it
until the 2.0 platform when pango is available for rendering. I suspect
Phil would welcome a new maintainer for it if you want to revive it. 
Lack of a RT canvas item is the primary reason we defered Achtung to
2.0.  Let me know if I can help, and please keep us posted on your
progress (list: achtung ximian com).


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