Re: Message Boxes / 5:3 Ratio

Ole Laursen <olau hardworking dk> writes:

> Yes, of course. However, I don't think everybody uses such tools.

Then they've no right to complain.

> Yes, either be a bit more careful when you're doing that - as you said
> yourself: avoid accidents - or simply accept that the code lines get a
> little longer. :-)

I know people have different preferences.  I would whine if the strings
were near to perfect (I've to translate some of them) and I believe I've
found one cause for the trouble.  Needless to say that most of the
strings _are_ okay but the remaining 10% (?) are causing 90% of the
woring load (as usual).

> You still haven't convinced me, but I think it is just a matter of
> taste.


> And of course, most importantly, it ruins the beautiful look of nicely
> indented code blocks... ;-)

Learn to tolerate exceptions ;)  I use a pleasant bright blue as the
color for strings (yes, I know, some people don't use colors at all).

> I apologize if my previous posting wasn't more polite, I first realize
> now that this discussion is religious material.

No, it was polite (enough).  I can stand some flames, BTW ;)

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