Re: canvas rich text widget?


	<takes a look at the gnocatan site>
	I thought it was you... :-)

On 4 Feb 2001, Dave Cole wrote:

> What parts of the Python module were you interested in.  Maybe I can
> help you out at some level (memory and time permitting).
> I seem to remember that there are a couple of places where I could be
> more efficient.

	I was actually interested in switching it to C.

	However, Nathan Hurst is working on constraint-based solvers for his
PhD.  His implementation of that is as a text-renderer for gdk-pixbuf; the
pixbuf has a Gnome Canvas item.  In my personal opinion, it makes the
mozilla renderer look like a basic text editor.  The test program wraps text
around the image of a leaf (around the leaf itself; not around a rectangle
surrounding the leaf).  It's seems to be relatively low-memory consumption,
though I haven't done enough checking to see how true this really is.

	I may be able to throw together a basic word processor on the [too
damn long] flight from Chicago to Düsseldorf.  I already have all the
underlying components, so this really is a possibility.  However, between
now and my flight, I won't be touching anything since I have 6 days to
prepare to move 6000 miles. ;-)

> - Dave


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