Re: canvas rich text widget?

>>>>> "Bibek" == Bibek Sahu <scorpio dodds net> writes:

Bibek> 	<takes a look at the gnocatan site> I thought it was
Bibek> you... :-)

I thought it was me too :-)

>> I seem to remember that there are a couple of places where I could
>> be more efficient.

Bibek> 	I was actually interested in switching it to C.

I assumed that you were going to do that.  What I was wondering is if
the freetype rotation was of any interest.

Bibek> However, Nathan Hurst is working on constraint-based solvers
Bibek> for his PhD.  His implementation of that is as a text-renderer
Bibek> for gdk-pixbuf; the pixbuf has a Gnome Canvas item.  In my
Bibek> personal opinion, it makes the mozilla renderer look like a
Bibek> basic text editor.  The test program wraps text around the
Bibek> image of a leaf (around the leaf itself; not around a rectangle
Bibek> surrounding the leaf).  It's seems to be relatively low-memory
Bibek> consumption, though I haven't done enough checking to see how
Bibek> true this really is.

Sounds like you have the rotation problem solved :-)

- Dave

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