Re: glibwww2 patches, gtk object

On 04 Feb 2001 17:45:09 +0800, James Henstridge wrote:

> >     I noticed that it hasn't been touched in quite a while, but there's
> > nothing in the cvs tree indicating that it's dead or will die anytime soon.
> >

glibwww will probably be death in some months. I plan two release a
minor solving bug release shortly
but besides that I have talked with several people and we want to drop
glibwww in favour of a new release of
ghttp. Until now, very few people had been interested in glibwww and the
ones we were need to find a better solution
than the one libwww provides. 

The reasons? libwww is an ugly library, not reliable and that has many
memory problems... 

> I don't know of the value of this much separation.  Each of these mini
> libraries would be really tiny, and just slow down app load time if they
> were shared libraries.  This is one of the problems with libwww, where
> they split it into many small libraries, but to make proper use of it, you
> ended up having to link to almost all of them.



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