Re: glibwww2 patches, gtk object

>> 	Also, I've modified src/ so that there are now 3
>> libraries: glibwww, glibwww-gtk, and glibwww-gnome.  As you might imagine,
>> the first is based strictly on glib (as per the original code), the second
>> includes my gtk object, and the third contains those gnome widgets which
>> were in the cvs tree.
>I don't know of the value of this much separation.  Each of these mini
>libraries would be really tiny, and just slow down app load time if they
>were shared libraries.  This is one of the problems with libwww, where
>they split it into many small libraries, but to make proper use of it, you
>ended up having to link to almost all of them.

The value of this kind of separation (for me) is that some of us
choose to use gtk but do not use gnome. Its been very frustrating to
watch as the boundary between gtk and gnome shifts slowly so that most
of the interesting work and heavy effort goes into a desktop-specific
library rather than a general purpose widget set. I therefore applaud
any attempt to keep gtk-only code separate from gnome-requiring code.


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