Re: [Render] question!

Heh, I just wanted to know if it was true =)  Playful tones are
difficult to convey through email.  Havoc Pennington gave me some extra
information on the status, along with some more information.

Its definately not critical to have in GTK 1.2.9 (which will likely be
the last release of GTK 1.2.X anyway).  It is my understanding that
Pango (and thus GTK 2.0) will have it integrated anyway.  But I do
believe that Gnome 1.4 will be based on GTK 1.2.9 (is this correct?).
If that is the case, then we will have to wait until Gnome 2.0 to get it
in unless someone finishes up the mentioned patch, and that is a long
time away.

The QT folks are able to download a patch (however unstable it may be)
that they can play with, and I was just curious to see if we had an
opportunity to do the same. =)

Thanks guys!  This information was helpful.

Jon LaCour
VertiSoft, Corp.

On 09 Feb 2001 05:41:57 -0800, Jim Gettys wrote:
> Give them a break.
> They had just gotten the patches running last week.
> I just don't know that level of detail about Gnome 1.4, and don't know
if they
> have been committed for the next release.
>                    - Jim
> --
> Jim Gettys
> Technology and Corporate Development
> Compaq Computer Corporation
> jg pa dec com

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