Re: GConf problems: help is needed

> For GNOME 2, libgnorba is going away. 
Great! Hopefully, applets will still work the same way ("almost")?

> For 1.4, I don't know.

> Instead of a cookie, ORBit now generates cryptographically random
> IORs. So as long as the IOR is secret, it's secure.
Nice idea:)
> It's possible then that we could just eliminate the cookie from
> libgnorba. But it's awfully close to the 1.4 freeze, and it's not
> clear that the IOR is always kept secret as it must be with this
> security mechanism.
OK. So the chances are that in 1.4 libgnorba will still use these
old-fashion cookies? 
Probably, someone would be able to fix this in 1.4.x series? 
Please please please (if this is only a dozen of lines).

Thanks a lot for detailed explanations.


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