Re: GConf problems: help is needed

"Sergey V. Udaltsov" <sergey oudaltsov clients ie> writes:
> I am trying to move GSwitchIt from gnome_config_XXX API to GConf and I
> have some problems with the latter.
> Basically, applet listens to the configuration changes and capplet
> changes the configuration. I studied the docs and examples but could not
> understand what's my mistake.
> I suspect some problems with ORBit authentication. When I start the
> applet from the command line for the first time, I see 3 warnings:
> ORBit-WARNING **: Request drop_all_caches, ID -1073744624 was rejected
> by the authentication mechanism!

Applets use libgnorba, which does not interoperate with GConf (more
specifically it doesn't interoperate with OAF). I forgot again what
the explanation for this is, but I know there is one. ;-)


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