Re: question!

Jonathan LaCour <gte079i prism gatech edu> writes:
> I just saw the following post on the Render mailing list.  I was
> wondering if this was true, and if it was why it isn't offered as an
> optional package in Ximian Gnome for Debian?  I understand the stability
> issues at hand, but I am willing to play with bleeding edge software.  I
> really think that the backport of GTK with Render would be very nice and
> useful!

It may be an optional thing at some point, Jacob has a patch that
mostly works he says, but needs a few days of bugfixing. It's never
going to really be production-quality though, see this thread:

Followups there explain the issues, such as i18n.

If someone got it basically debugged we could put it in 1.2.9 to be
enabled via environment variable or something,
GTK_USE_UNSTABLE_PRETTY_FONTS or the like. ;-) But, not much time left
for someone to do this work before the next release.

> And just as an incentive, aren't the Ximian folks required to release
> any changes that they make to GTK+ to the public, as it is licensed
> under the GPL anyway?

GPL makes you release sources _if_ you release binaries, but it still
allows you to keep things totally private if you like.


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