Re: GConf problems: help is needed

"Sergey V. Udaltsov" <sergey oudaltsov clients ie> writes: 
> Really really sad. What are plans in this area (GNOME 1.4, GNOME 2)?
> Are there any workarounds? GConf is so sweet. So are other OAF-based
> services. Applet-makers would definitely like to use this stuff! I
> probably would be happy to contribute some patch for this but I'm
> afraid mainteiners would to it better and faster:) Thanks for
> explanations, Sergey

For GNOME 2, libgnorba is going away. For 1.4, I don't know.

I remembered the problem; libgnorba requires a magic cookie to connect
to the applet. OAF no longer uses the cookie, so GConf doesn't have
it, and can't connect to your applet which insists on seeing the

Instead of a cookie, ORBit now generates cryptographically random
IORs. So as long as the IOR is secret, it's secure.

It's possible then that we could just eliminate the cookie from
libgnorba. But it's awfully close to the 1.4 freeze, and it's not
clear that the IOR is always kept secret as it must be with this
security mechanism.


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