Re: GAL, glade and libglade

At 11 February 2001, Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com> wrote:

>There are a few alternatives for the problem you have:

>	* Use "custom" widgets.  That is what we use when we want to
>          hook up new widgets that have no Glade support.

This is clearly workable, but lacks nice features like being able 
to set the specific widget properties at design time.

>I would like not to encourage people to depend on Gal.

Okay, well it sounds like trying to *fully* integrate GAL into glade/libglade 
is more work than it's worth at the moment. I'll try and work on 
the dynamic gtk+ arguments stuff that Havoc suggested instead.

If anyone does want me to make my glade patch externally available,
email me. I only integrated e_hpaned, e_vpaned and was half way 
through gtk-combo-box, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have the 
fact that a decent amount of work has been started recorded in the 
mailing list archives.


Lee Mallabone.

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