Re: GAL, glade and libglade

Lee Mallabone <lee fonicmonkey net> writes: 
> Would I be right in thinking that a *lot* of gtk+/gnome widgets don't 
> even export their properties via GtkArg though?

Yes. ;-)
> Well, this is something I'm willing to look at - I'd rather do the 
> implementation than list creation, but it'd be easy to make a list 
> while hacking... Can you point me at a reasonable starting point? 
> I've just been glancing at the GObject docs - do any of the gtk+ 
> widgets on CVS use GObject to export properties yet?

If you'd rather implement, that's cool too. The new widgets do use
properties; the most copious examples are non-widgets though,
gtktexttag.c, gtkcellrenderertext.c, gtktreeviewcolumn.c.

It's similar to GtkArg; there are docs and a nickname for each
property though. The nickname is the label of the field in a property
editor dialog, the docs would be the tooltip. 

The other thing that needs doing is to call g_object_notify() when
setting the arg without going through the property system. (Note that
it's OK to call g_object_notify() in the set function even if the
set_property is implemented in terms of the set function; the notify
isn't immediate because things are "frozen" during the set.)


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