Re: GAL, glade and libglade

At 11 February 2001, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:

>It would certainly be nice. If someone actually took on the task of a)
>converting all existing GtkArg to the GObject equivalent, so they have
>docs and change notification and b) ensuring all set/get functions are
>also exported as properties, for both GTK and gnome-libs, they would
>be godlike heroes of GNOME. ;-)

Would I be right in thinking that a *lot* of gtk+/gnome widgets don't 
even export their properties via GtkArg though?

>Heck I'd settle for someone creating and maintaining a comprehensive
>TODO list of all properties that should exist or be converted to
>GObject so we know what the status is...

Well, this is something I'm willing to look at - I'd rather do the 
implementation than list creation, but it'd be easy to make a list 
while hacking... Can you point me at a reasonable starting point? 
I've just been glancing at the GObject docs - do any of the gtk+ 
widgets on CVS use GObject to export properties yet?


Lee Mallabone.

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