GnomerMind - an asking for testers

    I've realized a game for Gnome... it's called GnomerMind, and it's a
puzzle game based on MasterMind. It's just a first release, and for now the
gameplay is identical to the original; but I plan to add some nice features,
in future, when the university will leave me some spare time... :)
    Since I've annoyed the list quite much (yes, this was *that* program),
you may remember that I've had some problems... now I've solved them all,
but my workarounds are too heavy for my tastes... may I ask to anyone who
wants to 'test' it a little bit, and see if there are bugs that I haven't
found? Or if it's too heavy? You can find it on

    Moreover, can you tell me where can I 'announce' it, and ask for
testers? On Gnome-Announce seems to me... wew, too important, isn't it? ;)
    Thank you very much,
        Mano :)

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