Re: proposal: extending .desktop files syntax to aid i18n

On 12 Feb 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:


 Hm, this seems to be reasonable apporach too (though all utilities will break 
that construct some windowmanager/shell menu from gnome menu), though fixing
them for utf8 case will be trivial if they already support generating menu
from KDE menus too properly.

 Is support for utf8 strings in .desktop files planned for gnome-1.4 or not?

> Hi,
> The new standard we've arrived at with KDE is simply that all desktop
> files must be in UTF-8. Unfortunately current GNOME doesn't support
> this. But if we're going to change current GNOME, we need to keep in
> mind that the end goal is 100% UTF-8 for these files.
> Havoc

 Best regards,

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