Re: GAL, glade and libglade

John Margaglione <jmargaglione yahoo com> writes:
> I was actually thinking about doing this a while back.  Now that my
> machine is stable (hardware problems, not software), I think I'll take
> a crack at it.  Any suggestions of where to start?  I've read through
> the new docs on the gtk+ site, but I haven't grabbed a CVS snapshot in
> a while.  

Check out the CVS snapshot, build it, that's the first step. Look at
gtktexttag.c, gtkcellrenderertext.c, etc. for examples of how to
create properties using the new API. Then try to get rid of all uses
of the old GtkArg API, and find instances of set/get that don't have
corresponding properties, and fix them. Also, any set/get that do have
corresponding properties must call g_object_notify().


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