gnome_dialog_editable_enters() bug?

While messing with a GnomeDialog with some GtkSpinButton on it:
    Had to call gtk_spin_button_update() before reading its value because
gnome_dialog_editable_enters(the_dialog,the_spinbutton) seems to block the
"activate" signal on the GtkEditable.
    I use mainly Gnome-- so I can't give an inmediate example of the problem
in plain C.
    I think the "activate" signal on the SpinButton normally gets
gtk_spin_button_update() called, and gnome_dialog_editable_enters() has
blocked it, or hooked the gnome_dialog event before the
gtk_spin_button_update() in time.
    Thank you and please note I'm not on this list for possible answer.
Agustin Ferrin Pozuelo
ferrin arrakis es

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