GNOME 1.4 Beta 1

Hi everyone,

I am really happy with the way everyone has been pulling together to
make this beta release happen. We have 28 out of 47 packages ready,
and there is still a fair bit of time before the deadline (Feb 15,
23:59 Pacific time to be exact). Lots of people have gone above and
beyond what is expected to make things go well.

I especially appreciate the efforts of maintainers who got their
packages ready early, and those of people who have been going over and fixing bugs. And of course, the rest of the
GNOME 1.4 Release Team has been helping organize this whole thing.

If anyone wants to help out with release related tasks (doubtless many
of the maintainers have some small task they could use help with), or
has questions about anything, a good place to go is #gnome on You can usually find at least one member of the release
team there. Even after the final package deadline, it will be useful
to stick around, as we might have last minute fire drills up until the
beta actually ships

If we make this beta on time, then we have a really good chance of
shipping GNOME 1.4 itself on the published date. That would be really
cool, and would set a good precedent for future GNOME releases.

Thanks again to everyone who's been pitching in,


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