Re: idea: special menuitem in MenuBar of each gnome application

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Lee Mallabone wrote:

> Vlad Harchev wrote:
> ..snip..
> >  I think implementing support for such menuitems will advance gnome in
> > flexibility even further.
> >  What do you think about all this?
> I think the accelerators part of your suggestion is a great idea, 
> although they should be named something different as it took me a while 
> (years ago:) to figure out that "accelerators" was the Gtk+ name for 
> keyboard shortcuts. Lots of people don't even know that accelerators can 
> be defined on the fly, so highlighting this feature would definitely be 
> A Good Thing, imho.
> I don't think GUI customizations should be allowed at that level though. 
> I expect it would lead to some apps that are customizable, some that 
> aren't, which would create a massive amount of user interface 
> inconsistency; something the whole Gnome API is designed to avoid.

 In fact (as I said in reply to myself, not yet arrived to all subscribers
IMO) this menuitem can be added automatically and transparently for programmer
to the menu bar (by the function that creates menu bar of gnome apps). I.e.
programmer won't have ANY control of whether that menu item is present, what
it contains and how actions for menuitems are handled etc.

 So, apps won't become inconsistent with respect to this menuitem as long as
they don't link to gnome-libs statically.

 Overall, it seems to be easy but very useful hack IMO.

> Regards,
> Lee.

 Best regards,

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