Re: Gnome & hotpluggable devices

Tim Jansen wrote:
> Hi...
> Is there anybody working on GUI support for hotpluggable devices and
> the actions that they require such as:
> - when you plug in a hard disc or a CD-Rom on your USB or FireWire
>   port the user may want the file manager to open
> - when your PDA or mobile phone sends you a business card or an
>   appointment via IrDA the appropiate program (e.g. Evolution)
>   should be opened and accept it
> - when you plug in other device the user will probably want to get some
>   feedback and maybe configure it or get an error message if driver
>   support is not available
> I'd be interested in joining such a project.

The Ximian Setup Tools is a project that you might be interested in.
They are a cross distribution configuration system. You can find more
about them here :

(this an updated page that we have not loaded to the main site)

However we are not yet there to do "Hot-plugablity", we are doing
manual configuration at this moment. We need lots of helping hands
because doing a tool that will work on all mayor distros requires
lots of work. Here is out mailing list if you are interested :

the cvs module is "ximian-setup-tools"


> bye...
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