pozilla propaganda tour -- II

I tried you to convince to inform the gnome-i18n list about coming
 releases -- with success as we can see from the increased number of
  gnome-i18n anounces of project admin/maintainer/authors.

But I still want you to try pozilla, it's too easy and good (the only
 thing which could be hard is that you need mutt installed on your
  system if you want to run it).

An example for all you who don't believe in pozilla ,-)

	pozilla.sh -d 6 -r 1.0 -s tr -s pl -p /MYSOURCETREE/PROJECT

will do all the anounce, the updated and merged tr.po and pl.po files will
 be mailed to the corresponding last authors (in case they don't have got any
  CVS access very useful) and will anounce the coming release 1.0 in 6 days.

So, what's to say against it .-) pozilla is part of gtranslator in CVS and
 will also be part of the coming release 0.35 this Saturday.
kabalak / kabalak kabalak net / Fatih Demir
`-GNOME / ICQ:64241161 / GSM: +491749787080
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