GtkItemFactoryEntry question

I'm just getting started with Gtk, so pardon my newbie question and please
let me know if there's a more appropriate forum for my posting. 

I'm trying to create a menubar with menu items whose names have a '/' in
them.  For example, see /var/log/messages below:

static GtkItemFactoryEntry menu_array[] = 
  { "/_File" , NULL, NULL, 0, "<Branch>" },
  { "/_File//var/log/messages", NULL, gtk_main_quit, 0,NULL },

  { "/_Help", NULL, NULL, 0, "<LastBranch>" },
  { "/_Help/About", NULL, NULL, 1, NULL}

The / is interpreted as a special character and I haven't been able to
figure out how to escape it, nor have I been able to find documentation
that indicates how to do so. None of \, \\, and % seemed to do the trick.

I'd appreciate either of the answer or a reference to documentation that
would provide an answer.

Thanks in advance,


Collin Starkweather                          (303) 428-0100 x 112, Inc.      

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