Develop with gnome-print-0.25.0

Sir :
     I have some difficties in Installing gnome-print-0.25.0 ,help me ,If You have time .  
      Configure Programe tell me  after run ./configure:Need gdk-pixbuf-0.7.0 or later,but I have installed gdk-pixbuf-0.8.0
      If I have copy gdk-pixbuf-config the directory ---/usr/bin
Configure Programe tell me after run ./configure:It has found gdk-pixbuf-0.8.0,but"./configure:/usr/bin/gdk-pixbuf-configure permission denied...***could  not run GDK_PIXBUF test programe,checking why...The test programe compiled....
      configure:error:need gdk-pixbuf-0.7.0 or later"
        How can I do?

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